This Project Name Kalpataru Elitus Mulund West

The image is a promotional graphic for Kalpataru Elitus, a residential project located in Mulund, by Kalpataru. The background features a tall, modern high-rise building with numerous windows, under a clear blue sky during what appears to be sunset or sunrise, giving a warm and inviting ambiance.

left side section some details include for heading , project name , location , special offers , property details , enquiry button , rera number and cta this deatils most important for lead generation

right side section included static form any client open this website and flip the form and make lead generation

Overview Section

The overview section of the image describes “Kalpataru Elitus Mulund,” a real estate project by the renowned Kalpataru Group, designed to cater to the modern needs of residents. The development is praised for its strategic location in Mulund, which is surrounded by greenery and well-connected to essential zones via the expressway. It features homes with durable plastic emulsion coatings and includes over 1.7 acres of amenity space. The description emphasizes the project’s thoughtful design, modern amenities, and the lifestyle enhancements it offers to its residents, with additional information available through a brochure request button and a WhatsApp contact option for easy communication.

Highlights Section

The “HIGHLIGHTS” section for the “Kalpataru Elitus Mulund” project emphasizes its prime location in Mulund, offering fresh air and proximity to the Mulund Railway Station and the Eastern Express Highway. It features well-designed residences with open spaces, cross ventilation, and impressive views, nestled near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, ensuring a connection with nature. The project spans 3.79 acres with three 38-story towers and is surrounded by panoramic greenery. Designed to cater to upscale living, it provides luxurious, super-spacious homes with modern amenities, 24×7 security, and is touted as a valuable lifetime investment in a trendy urban setting.

Amenities Section

The Amenities section of the website highlights the diverse range of features available to enhance the lifestyle, wellness, and building experiences within the community. This section is visually anchored by a heartwarming image of a young girl enjoying a swim in a crystal-clear pool, symbolizing the family-friendly and vibrant atmosphere of the community.

Gallery Section

The “GALLERY” section in the image showcases various aspects of life at “Kalpataru Elitus.” It features three distinct images: a luxuriously decorated bedroom with a modern aesthetic, highlighted by plush furnishings and vibrant art pieces; an aerial view of the project’s expansive outdoor recreational areas, emphasizing lush greenery and well-maintained landscapes; and a twilight view of the high-rise buildings, illustrating the project’s imposing architecture and its integration into the cityscape. This section visually captures the essence of the lifestyle offered by Kalpataru Elitus, promoting both the luxury interiors and the community’s comprehensive amenities and natural surroundings.


Location Map Section

The image you’ve provided is a location map featuring a detailed view of the Mulund West area in Mumbai, Maharashtra, highlighting various points of interest such as Kalpataru Elitus, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers like Dmart. The map shows main roads, smaller streets, and notable landmarks, emphasizing the connectivity and accessibility of Kalpataru Elitus. This section of the map serves as a visual aid to showcase the strategic location of Kalpataru Elitus within a vibrant neighborhood, illustrating its proximity to essential services and recreational areas, which are beneficial for residential or business purposes. The inclusion of a button labeled “Get Location on your phone” suggests functionality for users to directly sync the map location to their mobile device for easier navigation.

Project Plan Section

The image displays a webpage titled “PROJECT PLANS,” featuring floor plans for different residential units along with their specifics like type, carpet area, and price. It includes plans for 1.5 BHK and 2 BHK units ranging in price from 1.15 to 1.80 Crores. Each plan details room layouts and features a “Get Brochure” button for additional information, showcasing the units in a structured and marketable format for potential buyers.

Price List Section

The image displays a real estate website’s “PRICE LIST” section, detailing three apartment types: 1.5 BHK priced at ₹1.15 crore, 2 BHK ranging from ₹1.64 to ₹1.77 crore, and 3 BHK at ₹2.25 crore. Each listing includes carpet area specifications and a “Get Cost Sheet” button for detailed pricing. Additional options include a “Get Brochure” button and a WhatsApp contact icon for further inquiries.

About Developer Section

The image details Kalpataru Group, established in 1969 by Mr. Mofatraj P. Munot, as a premier real estate entity in India. Kalpataru Limited, the flagship of the Kalpataru Group, focuses on developing premium residential, commercial, and retail projects, mainly in Mumbai and Pune, with additional projects in Jaipur, Surat, Hyderabad, and Chennai. The group also engages in property management and infrastructure projects, including significant civil contracts in the Middle East during 1974-1982, resulting in over 80 landmark developments.

Contact Us Section

The image displays the “Contact Sales” section of the Kalpataru Elitus real estate project website. This section is designed for potential clients to contact the sales team. It includes an online form where visitors can input their name, email, and mobile number. Below the form, there’s an option for visitors to request a quick callback by selecting “YES, I WANT QUICK CALL BACK”. The contact information provided includes the address “D-1, Mulund Goregaon Link Rd, Moti Nagar, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400082”, an email ““, a website URL “”, and a phone number “+91 8160189602”. The design features a subtle geometric pattern in the background and a logo at the top.

Footer Section

The image displays the footer section of the Kalpataru Elitus website, containing essential legal and contact information. It includes a disclaimer noting that the website’s content is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as legal advice. The footer also highlights that the site is currently being updated to comply with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) standards. There is a RERA registration number provided (P51800023840), along with a QR code that likely links to additional details. The footer links to the website’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and further disclaimers. Additionally, there is a copyright statement for the year 2024, and a note that the website was developed by Shashwat Technologies.

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