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The image presents the banner section of a real estate project located at JK Gram, Pokharan Road 1, Thane West, Maharashtra. The banner warmly invites visitors to “Welcome to Your Next Adventure,” describing Bandra’s unique blend of Portuguese-style architecture and cosmopolitan lifestyle. It highlights Bandra’s appeal with luxurious brands, diverse dining options, vibrant nightlife, and high-end fashion, epitomizing it as the “Queen of Mumbai” that seamlessly weaves together global and local vibes. Two interactive buttons, “Take A Tour” and “Get A Quote,” offer further engagement for visitors.

Overview Section

The image is from the  Overview  section of a residential development, highlighting the luxurious contemporary living at ‘The Address by GS,’ located in Bandra. It showcases the development’s beautiful architecture, which blends modern design with Portuguese influences, reflecting Bandra’s elegant and grand lifestyle. The section boasts of 30,000 happy customers, 20,000 homes sold, and a network of over 35 agents. Images within the section display lush greenery and communal spaces, emphasizing the quality and exclusivity of the community. This development redefines royal living in Mumbai’s prestigious Bandra area.

Highlights Section

The image outlines the  Highlights  section, showcasing standout traits of a property development. It includes six key features: 1) “Easy To Rent” with pet-friendly policies and proximity to amenities, 2) “Carefully Crafted” homes with modern kitchens and air conditioning, 3) “In-built Wardrobe” for ample storage, 4) “Lavish Greenery” for a serene environment, 5) “Spacious Outdoor” areas for relaxation and nature engagement, and 6) “Planned Construction” that combines modern design with practicality. This section emphasizes the development’s unique attributes designed to cater to diverse lifestyle needs.

Price List Section

The image features the  Price List  section of a property development project, displaying various unit configurations and their respective prices. It lists a 1 BHK unit with a carpet area between 567 to 650 sq.ft priced at ₹78.9 Lac, a 2 BHK unit ranging from 680 to 918 sq.ft at ₹96.8 Lac, and a 3 BHK unit between 920 to 1020 sq.ft priced at ₹1.09 Cr. Each unit option includes a “Get Brochure” button for potential buyers to obtain more detailed information about the specifications and amenities offered. This structured listing provides clear pricing and size options to assist buyers in making informed decisions.

Layouts & Configuration

The images display the “Layout & Configuration” section of a real estate project, detailing the architectural design for different floors of a residential unit. The basement features a recreation area, home theater, and utility room; the ground floor includes a spacious living area, guest bedroom, and a study; the first floor presents an open-concept layout with a modern kitchen and dining area; the second floor houses three bedrooms, including a master suite with a walk-in closet. Each floor description is paired with options to view detailed 3D models, enhancing the prospective buyer’s understanding and engagement.

Video Section

The image is part of a real estate website’s  Process and Video  section, inviting visitors to explore luxurious properties. It features a stylish, modern kitchen as the backdrop, symbolizing the refined elegance of the available residences. The banner reads “Welcome to our Luxurious Properties with All The Conveniences,” followed by a prompt to “Explore Our Horizon” and “Stroll through Splendor: Embark on the Residence Tour.” The section encourages an odyssey of curated opulence, aiming to attract ambitious visionaries with an interactive video tour button prominently displayed, inviting viewers to engage further and experience the lifestyle offered.

Location Map Section

The image is from the “Location Map & Advantages” section of a real estate website, detailing the proximity to essential facilities like healthcare, education, and cultural venues from the project site. Highlighted amenities include Guru Nanak Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, and CritiCare Asia Hospital under the Health & Wellness category, suggesting a focus on resident well-being. The map provides a geographic overview of the property’s location in relation to major areas like Thane, Vasai-Virar, and Borivali, underscoring the connectivity and accessibility to various parts of the city. An “Explore More Amenities” button encourages further exploration of local advantages.

Contact Us Section

The image displays the  Contact Us  section titled “Find Us Fast,” designed to facilitate direct communication between potential clients and the property developers. It features a serene nighttime image of a stylish home, setting a welcoming tone for visitors to discuss their property goals. The section provides a simple form requesting the user’s name, email, and phone number, with an additional space for any specific messages or queries. A red ‘Submit’ button is prominently displayed, encouraging visitors to reach out and connect regarding their property inquiries, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.

Footer Section

The image shows the footer section of a real estate project’s website. It features the logo and address of “The Address GS” in Bandra, along with a MAHA RERA registration QR code and number for transparency and legality. The footer encourages visitors to follow the project on various social media platforms, displayed with corresponding icons. It also contains a disclaimer stating that the website content is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to avail of any service. It outlines that the prices and property details are subject to change and emphasizes the privacy of user data in communication practices.

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