Why is Laravel so popular?

Why is Laravel used? What is it?

Every framework makes the premise that it will assist developers in streamlining their development process with clear, reusable code. Therefore, the genuine query should be how Laravel outperforms all other frameworks in this regard.

Simple to use

Laravel, the framework created by Tayor Otwell with help from the community, has placed a strong emphasis on developing APIs with fluid, understandable code. The meaning of classes and method names is always obvious, and the namespaces and framework organization seem simple and well-known right away. In the world of technology, simplicity is a quality that has always ensured tremendous outcomes but getting there requires a lot of work. Additionally, Laravel features a terrific documentation gateway that probably takes a lot of time to update and maintain over time.

Access to Pre-Built Components

Many infrastructure functionalities are available to employ by default inside of Laravel. From fundamental components like the template engine, routing, log management, and Eloquent ORM to sophisticated modules like filesystem abstraction, Redis client, the potent Artisan console, or the Jobs/Queues system, its driver-based architecture enables users to continuously adjust and expand framework functionalities and integrations. Version 8 of the framework’s queuing system added several features that are only available in commercially licensed solutions in other contexts.

The components ecosystem consists of a collection of official packages to handle some common use cases when creating a cloud application. These packages include Passport, which acts as the official OAuth server, Socialite, which lets users log in using their social media accounts, Horizon, which lets you see what’s happening inside your Redis queue system, Cashier, which handles billing, and many others.

Security-focused design out of the box

The best practices and experience of developers determine application security, or system security in general. Laravel’s built-in security capabilities, which include security against cross-site scripting, SQL injections, cross-site request forgeries, and more, help developers avoid a lot of risks based on typical security vulnerabilities. In fact, it is likely the greatest PHP framework in this field.

Laravel offers incredibly strong foundations for creating excellent apps.

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